On June 27, 2022, Three Arrows Capital (“3AC”), a crypto hedge fund, commenced liquidation proceedings in the British Virgin Islands and thereafter filed recognition proceedings in, among other countries, the United States and Singapore.

With all the market turmoil and headlines about insolvencies or potential insolvencies in the financial sector and the wider markets, and potential rescue of stressed/distressed entities, many clients are concerned, and should be thinking, about the potential impact of these developments on their derivatives (commonly documented under an ISDA master agreement (an ISDA)) and, in particular: (a) if the relevant event constitutes a default, potential event of default, event of default or termination event or, alternatively, will trigger automatic early termination, under their ISDAs with their

La 13e édition annuelle de la publication Mining in the Courts fournit une mise à jour complète sur les développements juridiques concernant le secteur minier (disponible en anglais seulement). Cette publication comprend un résumé sur bon nombre des causes les plus importantes, ainsi que des articles offrant un aperçu sur les tendances juridiques actuelles et les défis auxquels l’industrie devra faire face au cours de la prochaine année.

Voici certains des sujets qui y sont abordés :


A GLOBAL LEGAL MEDIA & NISHLIS LEGAL MARKETING PUBLICATION THE US-ISRAEL LEGAL REVIEW 2022 IN ASSOCIATION WITH: Israel’s Unicorn Success Story SNNOVATION The US-Israel Legal Review 2022 1 Contents THE US-ISRAEL LEGAL REVIEW 2022 2 WELCOME FROM THE PUBLISHERS Global Legal Media and Nishlis Legal Marketing 4 ECONOMIC HEADWINDS, A HOT WAR AND A TRADE WAR: THE IMPACT ON ISRAEL’S COMPANIES With rising interest rates, rising inflation and reduced growth forecasts, how has that reality been faced by corporate clients and start-ups? Arnon, Tadmor-Levy provide some answers.


The March 2023 banking crisis has been an unexpected “stress test” for dealing with liquidity issues.

When state regulators closed Silicon Valley Bank this past Friday, many startups understandably faced severe liquidity issues triggered by the sudden and unexpected loss of access to their deposits.


We can’t recall another new year beginning with such negative sentiment and low expectations for the domestic economy as 2023, with the lone exception of 2009 during the global financial crisis. A mild U.S. recession beginning later in 2023 is now the consensus expectation while inflation remains well above the Fed’s target despite seven rate hikes to date and the highest interest rates in 15 years.1


Restructurings, especially those involving multiple jurisdictions, are invariably complex matters. This CMS Expert Guide provides an overview of the various restructuring possibilities available in a large number of countries, allowing you to compare how the options are deployed in these jurisdictions.

We intend to update it periodically to reflect important changes as they happen.

If you need more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We all have been witnessing major steps taken by the government of UAE in order to prevent negative impact of coronavirus on our economy. COVID-19 has just made wide-scale interruption to various ventures both locally and internationally.

Covid-19 has brought about much uncertainty for businesses worldwide and it is timely for a special edition of Going Concerns to provide a "survival guide" in the following jurisdictions Singapore, the People's Republic of China ("PRC"), Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates ("UAE"). This special edition will also touch on recent legislation and stimulus packages introduced by governments of the above (where applicable) in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, which will impact both creditors and debtors.

Survival guide