Global Responses To Limit The Economic Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic

As the world braces for months of disruption from COVID-19, countries across the globe attempt to curb the negative impact of the pandemic on their respective economies.

To highlight individual measures undertaken by the various countries in a comparative format, over 30 ABI International Committee members worked individually and together to create a comprehensive schematic summarizing the macro- and micro-economic efforts in response to COVID-19. The countries featured include Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, France, Germany, Channel Islands (Guernsey), Channel Islands (Jersey), Hong Kong, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Summaries of the measures from other countries are forthcoming and will be posted to this page.

The information included in the schematic is publicly available and does not represent the views of the individual members, their respective firms, or the ABI.

The Committee thanks all volunteers for their invaluable contribution to this project during these unprecedented times.

The Committee is especially grateful for the contributions of the following Committee leaders and members who contributed significant efforts in organizing, editing, and coordinating the flow of information throughout the various stages of the project:

Project Leader

Rafael X. Zahralddin, [email protected]

Project Editor

Olya Antle, [email protected]

Project Editor

E. Patrick Shea, [email protected]

Project Editor

R. Adam Swick, [email protected]
Ashli Durke, Paralegal, [email protected]