About Us

GLOBAL INSOLvency is a project of the American Bankruptcy Institute. It serves as a comprehensive source of information both on current issues in international insolvency and restructuring law and on the legal framework for insolvency and restructuring around the world. The site features daily news headlines on insolvency developments around the globe. From current commentary and recent filings to international protocols and bankruptcy statutes to advice on cross-border lending, the GLOBAL INSOLvency site offers a range of information for insolvency practitioners, judges, accountants, trustees and others.

With over 13,000 members, the American Bankruptcy Institute is the largest American multi-disciplinary, non-partisan organization dedicated to research and education on matters related to insolvency. It is also the leading American provider of bankruptcy educational programs, produces numerous publications and testifies before Congress.

Global Insolvency Editorial Board

Sumant Batra

New Delhi, India

Ignacia Buil

London, UK

Judge Kevin Carey

Wilmington, USA

Gilberto Correa

Brasilia, DF

Tinamarie Feil

New York, USA

Thomas Horan

Wilmington, USA

Annerose Tashiro

London, UK

Claudia Tobler

Washington D.C., USA

Andrew Payne