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The Knesset has aimed to update the law on insolvency by passing the Law of Insolvency and Economic Rehabilitation.

This has arisen as a result of the current insolvency laws being considered to be regulated under outdated legislation, being disorganised and having had a detrimental effect on debtors, creditors, and the economy. The incoming Law will take effect in 18 months' time and is designed to rectify the situation and provide the Israeli economy with modern legislation with respect to insolvency.

The Law has three primary objectives:




Our experience working on restructurings across Europe and Asia has given us an appreciation for the value of preparedness. Businesses encountering financial difficulties — whether arising from turbulent financial markets, an unforeseen crisis, increasing or burdensome regulation or competitive pressure — often find their survival may depend on how well prepared they were for the unique pressures a restructuring event brings.