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The Attorney-Client Privilege and Chapter 15: How Secure Are Your...

As a general matter, the attorney-client privilege is perceived as an almost bullet-proof wall against disclosure of client communications. This perception rests largely on the often unstated assumption that the corporate entity will continue to operate as a going-concern and desires to maintain the confidentiality of its communications. Bankruptcy, however, fundamentally alters that assumption.

Varig Airlines – Recovery or Liquidation?

One of the most polemic, intricate, worst and largest cases of corporate distress in Brazilian history, the Varig Airlines case came to an end last week. The first case resolved under Brazil’s new bankruptcy law has left numerous lessons for its stakeholders as well as billions of dollars of destruction in its wake. It also leaves many questions regarding (i) acts of management and decision-making, (ii) the question of substance vs.

Extraterritorial Effect of French Law on Insolvency

Cross-border insolvencies are perhaps one of the numerous consequences of the increased globalization of and recent downturns in the economy.

As we all know there is no comprehensive international law on insolvency although numerous trends and efforts push towards building adequate legal frameworks to deal with certain effects entailed by the financial distress of multinational companies: among those, the UNCITRAL model and the recent EC Regulation n° 1346 of May 2002.

Blue Tinting: Commodity Supply Contracts in Androscoggin Energy L...

Can a court ordered stay of proceedings under the Canadian restructuring statute, the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (the “CCAA”) apply to a contract for the supply of natural gas? This depends in part on whether the contracts fall within the definition of “eligible financial contracts” under the CCAA, and, in part, on the terms of the contracts.