Conferences and Webinars

International Insolvency Institute – Scholar Led Panel on Cross-Border Practice Post-Brexit

Among the many issues that need to be negotiated between England and the EU for the Brexit to happen is the one dealing with restructuring and insolvency law. The U.K. has in recent years — due to its common membership in the European Insolvency Regulation regime — turned into a hotspot for foreign companies (and individuals) wanting to avail themselves of the English legal infrastructure for their recoveries.

Cross-Border Panel

This panel will discuss the domestic reach of the foreign stay (Sanjel) and recognition of judgments/rulings in cross-border cases, including offshore bankruptcies, as well as non-U.S. companies filing for chapter 11 and the consequences thereof (Ocean Fisheries, Hanjin and Abengoa)

Committee: International Insolvency Regimes At A Crossroads: Choosing A Direction For Insolvency Law Reform

Hosted by the International and Legislation Committees

In recent years, multiple jurisdictions have reformed or modernized their insolvency laws, either through incremental amendments or by entirely replacing the legislation. In this session, attendees will hear from practitioners from various jurisdictions about what motivated the decisions to amend their insolvency laws — and how the process unfolded in practice.