Chapter 15 Resource Articles

04 May 2012
Dueling Debtors, Receivers and Liquidators: Complex Cross-Border Disputes in Bankruptcies - Daniel Kamensky, Evan C. Hollander, Hon. Allan L. Gropper, Lisa G. Beckerman, Paul D. Leake, William Q. Derrough
16 April 2012
Handling IP Asset Issues in the Distressed Small Business - Beverly A. Berneman, Thomas L. Irving, David Peress, Victor A. Vilaplana
14 February 2012
Individual Chapter 11 and Chapter 15: Part I and Individual Chapter 11 and Chapter 15: Part II - Charles Throckmorton, Hon. Edward A. Godoy, Luis Salazar, Patricia A. Redmond, Soneet R. Kapila
14 February 2012
Cross-Border Conundrums: How to Use Chapter 15 Effectively - Eliot Simpson, Gregory S. Grossman, Hon. Robert E. Gerber, Robbin L. Itkin