U.S.-Canadian Border Rules Ease, Offering Boost to Local Business

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Canadians who have spent less than 72 hours in another country will no longer need a Covid-19 test to return to Canada, making it easier and cheaper for residents near the 5,500-mile border to make quick trips to the U.S. to pick up groceries, fill gas tanks or go holiday shopping, the Wall Street Journal reported. U.S. businesses along the Canadian border say they are anticipating a boost in cross-border shopping and tourism after nearly 20 months of suffering from Washington’s decision to ban tourists from entering the U.S. via northern land-border crossings. Two-thirds of Canada’s 38 million residents live within 60 miles of the U.S. land border, according to census data, and before the pandemic many had frequently crossed over to spend money in the U.S. Officials in Canada said earlier this month that they were confident in dropping the requirement because data indicate 86% of Canadians 12 years old and up are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. They are keeping to this plan even as Canada joined the U.S., U.K. and others in announcing new travel restrictions targeting southern Africa because of concerns over the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Read more. (Subscription required.)