SNC-Lavalin CEO Urged Ottawa To Change Anti-Corruption Rules In 2017 Letter

The head of SNC-Lavalin told the Canadian government it had to change its anti-corruption rules “as expeditiously as possible” in a 2017 letter to the minister in charge of procurement, just as her department was helping oversee public consultations on lighter punishments for corporate misconduct, The Globe and Mail reported. SNC-Lavalin chief executive Neil Bruce wrote to Public Services Minister Carla Qualtrough on Oct. 13, 2017, and sent copies of his message to seven other senior cabinet ministers. Mr. Bruce also attached his company’s official submission for the consultations, which were examining possible changes to the “integrity regime” and the potential creation of a plea-bargain-type tool known as a deferred-prosecution agreement or remediation agreement. Mr. Bruce’s Montreal-based firm was charged in 2015 with corruption and fraud over allegations it resorted to bribery while pursuing business in Libya. If convicted, it could be barred from public contracts for 10 years under the federal integrity regime. Read more