Fears of Poverty, Insolvency, Unemployment Top of Mind For Stressed Out Canadians

It may be little surprise the pandemic has infected Canadians with more stress over debt, but a new survey offers the eye-openers that people fear the stigma of mental illness more than poverty and business failure, and young people are more afraid than their elders, the Financial Post reported. With Mental Illness Awareness Week being marked in Canada next week, almost three quarters of the 1,510 respondents polled Sept. 23-25 in the Angus Reid Forum by insolvency company Bromwich+Smith said mental illness carries the heaviest stigma. Poverty followed at 68 per cent, debt or insolvency at 66 per cent, unemployment at 62 per cent, business failure 46 per cent and divorce at 40 per cent, Bromwich+Smith said. Read more