'The Dead Don't Pay' - Fernandez Ally Tells IMF Argentina Needs Time to Grow

Argentina’s Sergio Massa, a key ally of presidential front-runner Alberto Fernandez, said on Friday that the International Monetary Fund should give the indebted country time to revive economic growth to be able to pay off its debts, Reuters reported. Massa, a former Argentine chief of staff who struck an alliance with Peronist opposition leader Fernandez earlier this year, said the IMF should see the relationship with Latin America’s No. 3 economy as a long-term journey. “The responsibility that the Fund has today is to accompany Argentina in a 10-15 year project,” Massa said at an event at the Wilson Center in Washington. He added that the IMF also had a responsibility to help countries like Argentina build up strong economies, warning that if the country was not given that support, it may not be able to repay its creditors. Read more