Chrysler Warns of Canada Closures If No Aid

Chrysler Canada Inc has warned that it could shift production from two of its plants in Ontario to the United States, cutting more than 8,000 Canadian jobs, if it fails to get the C$1.6 billion ($1.27 billion) it needs in emergency aid from the federal and provincial governments, the Globe and Mail newspaper reported on Tuesday. The paper, citing people who have been briefed on the company's restructuring plan submitted to the two governments on Friday, said the document compared the two assembly plants in Canada with facilities in the United States that could make the models now being produced here. Chrysler said it could move its minivan production out of Windsor, Ontario, to a plant in St. Louis that is now idled, the Globe reported. It said production of large sedans made in Brampton, Ontario, could be transferred to a plant in Detroit. Chrysler, Ford Motor Co of Canada Ltd, and General Motors of Canada Ltd are seeking about C$6 billion in loans, loan guarantees and lines of credit. Read more.