Argentine Presidential Candidate Says He’d Stop Paying Central Bank Interest

Argentine presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez said his government would stop paying interest on central bank notes if he wins this year’s elections, Bloomberg News reported. Fernandez would cease interest payments on notes known as Leliq, used to implement monetary policy, in order to raise retiree pensions by 20% once he takes office Dec. 10, according to an interview that aired Sunday. “We’re going to stop paying the interest on Leliqs that Argentines are paying for every day,” Fernandez told local outlet El Destape in an interview. Argentine newspaper Clarin reported his comments Sunday evening. His remarks come two weeks before a primary elections to be held Aug. 11, which will signal how Argentines plan to vote on Oct. 27. Fernandez, running alongside former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has given few specifics on economic plans. Read more