Argentina's Fernandez Sets March 31 Deadline to Renegotiate Debt, Says Has IMF Backing

President Alberto Fernandez said he has set a March 31 deadline to renegotiate Argentina’s rampant public debt and that a more “innovative” International Monetary Fund approves of the direction his government is taking, Reuters reported. Argentina is in talks with bondholders and other creditors to restructure about $100 billion in debt, among them the IMF to whom it owes about $44 billion. “I think that from here to March 31 our trajectory is going to be very clear,” Fernandez said in an interview published on Sunday by the online news site El Cohete A La Luna. “That is the ceiling we have set, because there are significant maturities.” Fernandez, a moderate center-left Peronist, was elected in October with a mandate to end painful fiscal cuts implemented by his predecessor, Mauricio Macri. Read more