Argentina Creditors Jockey for Lead Ahead of $100 Billion Debt Talks

Several factions of Argentina's bondholders are jostling for influence ahead of restructuring talks with incoming president Alberto Fernandez as Latin America's third-largest economy tries to avert a default, more than a dozen sources familiar with the process said, the International New York Times reported on a Reuters story. Argentina is once again buckling under the weight of its sovereign debts, which total around $100 billion, and Fernandez needs to urgently agree a deal with creditors to ease the burden and give his government space to try to revive the economy. Several investors told Reuters they are growing increasingly annoyed by a lack of clarity on the plans of the new government, which is set to take over on Dec. 10. Fernandez has not yet named his economic team or said how he will deal with the debts, which have become painfully costly after a collapse of the peso. Read more