Argentina Can’t Pay Debt Until Economy Grows, Fernandez Says

Argentina President Alberto Fernandez said that the country is willing but unable to pay its debts under current conditions and needs the economy to grow again before meeting its obligations, Bloomberg News reported. The government will seek “constructive and cooperative” dialogue with the International Monetary Fund and bondholders to address the debt load, Fernandez said, without giving additional details. The outgoing administration of Mauricio Macri left Argentina in “virtual default,” he said. Fernandez read off a list of challenging economic indicators that he’s inheriting including the biggest debt load as a percentage of gross domestic product since 2004, when the country was in default and he was cabinet chief. Investors are awaiting details from incoming Economy Minister Martin Guzman on his plans to confront the debt crisis which may include proposals to extend maturities. “The country is indebted, cloaked by an instability that discards the possibility of development and leaves it hostage to foreign financial markets,” he said. “Argentina should grow with a project of its own and implemented by Argentines, not dictated by foreigners with old recipes that always fail.” Read more.