Agitating Bondholders Press Argentina to Step Up Efforts

Agitating bondholders have written to Argentina’s government, accusing it of not doing enough to allow the country’s crucial debt restructuring negotiations to make progress, according to bondholder sources involved in the process, Reuters reported. Two sources told Reuters on the condition of anonymity that the three main creditor groups had sent letters in recent days saying that they wanted to contribute to an “orderly resolution” of Argentina’s debt challenges. However, the creditor groups said they were concerned there was “a shortfall in collaboration” on the part of the government. They said they had received no response to a request earlier in the month for key information about the state of the economy and the government’s plans. “We don’t want an adversarial process but didn’t receive any response - good faith negotiations require an exchange of economic and financial information and also depend on feasible economic policies,” one of the bondholder sources said. Read more