Recent reforms to insolvency law in Serbia by Djuro M. Djuric and Vladimir M. Jovanovic

In December 2017, and in June and December 2018, the Serbian legislator adopted the amendments to the Law on Insolvency. This was the fifth time amendments were brought to this Law since its entry into force in early 2010, but only the third time since 2017.

The purpose of the amendments presented by the legislator was to improve the provisions of the Law on Insolvency already in force, but also to introduce some new processes and to present the provisions concerning conditions for more adequate and better implementation of the existing legal processes, so as to more effectively carry out the insolvency procedure and improve creditor settlement. The most recent Amendments came into force on 9 December 2018 and the Amendments adopted in June 2018 came into force on 1 January 2019.