Books Review by Harry RAJAK and Paul J. OMAR

mcPherson and keay: The Law of Company Liquidation

Andrew keay (4th edn), 2017, Sweet and maxwell, London, £240, ISBN 978-0-414-06151-4

McPherson & Keay is, simply, utterly indispensable to an ever increasing circle of legal practitioners, judges, civil servants, insolvency practitioners and scholars. What was generally seen up to less than 2 generations ago as a boring, even despised, area of dull legal practice with no intellectual interest and served entirely by way of practitioner texts consisting of a brief final chapter to books devoted to Company Law, has blossomed beyond any imagining. English practitioners who wanted or needed more by way of textual guidance to the dry statutory material by which their worlds were governed, found their way to the first Common Law book devoted solely to liquidation – Bruce McPherson’s Australian Law of Company Liquidation, first published in 1968. Happily for English practitioners, this