Guide To Islamic Finance

This book is the latest addition to our list of publications and it provides basic information on Islamic finance. It is meant to be a useful reference tool to the majority of insolvency practitioners who do not work in this field. The chapters in this book were selected on the basis that it is expected that most INSOL members currently have very limited understanding of Islamic finance.

The book has 10 chapters, a country study, and an annexure with a glossary of Islamic finance terms. Following the introductory chapter there are chapters on:


  • § Murabaha
  • § Istisna’a and ijara Financing : Background and Practical Implementation
  • § Mudaraba and Musharaka Financing: Background and Practical Implementation
  • § Islamic Financing in the Bank Market
  • § Islamic Capital Markets
  • § Restructuring Islamic Facilities
  • § Restructuring Sukuk Transactions
  • § Islamic Funds
  • § Islamic Derivatives


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