Ukraine to Start Power Trading with EU in June

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Ukraine is expected to start selling electricity to Slovakia and Hungary this month, a move that could boost revenues for power generators in the country, sources told Reuters. The expansion of power trade with Europe, which is currently curtailed to limited amounts sold to Poland and Moldova, could increase cashflow to Ukrainian utilities hit by a drop in domestic electricity since the Russian invasion, while providing more energy to the 27-country European Union as it grapples with reduced gas supplies from Russia. The EU and Ukraine linked their electricity grids on March 16 in response to Russia's invasion, enabling Ukraine to receive emergency power from Europe if military attacks caused outages. The emergency link - which was done in weeks, having initially been planned for 2023 - did not include commercial power trading. Continental Europe's power grid operators ENTSO-E on Jun. 7 confirmed that electricity trade with Europe could begin if certain technical conditions were met. Read more.