Sudan Passes 2020 Budget With Anticipated Deficit of $1.62 Billion

Sudan has passed its 2020 budget that includes an overall deficit of about 73 billion Sudanese pounds ($1.62 billion), Finance Minister Ibrahim Elbadawi said on Sunday, Reuters reported. The country’s ruling sovereign council and Cabinet agreed the budget - the country’s first since the toppling of longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir, whose final years in power were marked by deep economic woes. The budget has expected revenues of 568.3 billion Sudanese pounds ($12.63 billion) and also includes increased spending for healthcare and education. “This is a budget of peace, it bodes for peace,” Elbadawi said. Sudan’s current government has made peacemaking with rebels fighting Khartoum one of its main priorities as it is a key condition for the country’s removal from the U.S. list of sponsors of terrorism. Read more