Spain’s Truckers Strike Expands, Prompting Food Shortages

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Three Spanish truckers unions on Tuesday dismissed a government aid package and joined a spontaneous one-week strike against rising fuel prices that is likely to aggravate a shortage of food products in supermarkets across the country, reported. The three truckers unions opted to join the strike after they decided a 500 million euro ($550.45 million) government support package offered on Monday was vague and not enough to compensate for the soaring price of diesel. High energy costs, exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have compounded general price increases, threatening to slow the post-pandemic economic recovery and generating social discontent in many countries. The government plan scheduled to be approved on March 29 “doesn’t specify what it will comprise, how it will work and, more importantly, how much aid each trucker would get,” the three unions said in a joint statement. In the face of an increasing risk of shortages, Transport Minister Raquel Sanchez said on Tuesday the government was considering general fuel price reductions. The three unions joined a loose group of truck drivers and small truck owners, calling itself the Platform for the Defence of Transport, that went on strike on March 14 to press demands for lower taxes and lighter regulations, saying they run the risk of “total bankruptcy.” Read more.