Spain's April Jobless Number Slips, Formal Jobs at Record High

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The number of people registering as jobless in Spain fell 2.77%in April to 3.02 million people, the lowest level since July 2019, as hirings sped up and took formal jobs to over 20 million for the first time ever, official data showed on Wednesday, Reuters reported. Most sectors added jobs in the month, and a strong recovery of the pandemic-ravaged tourism industry during the Easter holidays also contributed to the improvements in the labour market data, the Labour Ministry said. "Unemployment data are better than when we came to power despite the great uncertainty," Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz told an event hosted by Europa Press in Madrid. Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and his cabinet were sworn in in January 2020. The data marks the third consecutive month of falling jobless figures and the lowest number of unemployed in a month of April since 2008. Read more.