Ryanair to Appeal Against State Funds Injected into New Alitalia

Ryanair will appeal against funds made available to the government-owned Italian airline that will replace Alitalia as it considers them illegal state support, the chief executive of the Irish carrier said on Saturday, Reuters reported. "As soon as this money will be injected in the newco we will take the (due) steps," CEO Eddie Wilson told Italian daily la Repubblica in an interview. "We are waiting to see, but it is clear that it is illegal aid and we will defend our interest by appealing against this umpteenth loan," he added. Italy is close to a deal with the European Commission to launch Italia Trasporto Aereo, which was initially expected to start flying again in April. Under the relaunch, the government plans to inject 3 billion euros ($3.65 billion) into ITA, which would take over the assets of the old Alitalia. Read more.