Ruling Postponed on Ryanair’s Challenge to Rival’s Bailout

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European judges have postponed a ruling on a Ryanair challenge to Germany’s €320 million bailout of rival airline Condor during the Covid-19 crisis, the Irish Times reported. Ryanair asked the European courts to overturn a European Commission decision to allow the German government to lend Condor €550 million in April 2020 for damage done by Covid flight cancellations. The General Court of the European Union was due to rule on Ryanair’s challenge to the commission’s decision on Wednesday, but postponed its judgment until further notice. Last June the court stalled the commission’s decision to allow the aid, but did not rule finally on whether the aid was illegal. Instead judges told officials to reexamine the German deal to ensure it complied with EU law. Charter and holiday airline Condor was part of travel group Thomas Cook, which collapsed in 2019, forcing the German carrier into insolvency. Efforts to rescue it failed when a potential buyer pulled out in April 2020 after Europe-wide restrictions grounded air travel. Read more.