Romanian Industry Has The Highest Insolvency Risk In 2017, Says A CITR Analysis

The industrial sector has the highest insolvency risk in 2017, says an analysis of CITR, the Romanian insolvency administration company. Out of industry and constructions sectors, there are already 54 percent, respectively 15 percent of the total fixed assets of the companies with insolvency requests in 2017. At the end of February, 120 companies, each with assets with over EUR 1 million, have already recorded insolvency requests. The number of cumulated of employees of these companies reached 20,000 and their turnovers account over EUR 1.5 billion. Out of these, most of them are in the industry sector. This field currently owns 54 percent of the fixed assets of the 120 companies, 48 percent of their total number of employees and a quarter of the cumulated turnover. Read more.