RBI’s Cash Tightening to Spark Recovery in Money-Market Rates

India’s key money-market rates and yields on short-term debt are set to rise after the central bank took its first small step to unwind emergency pandemic measures, Bloomberg News reported. The Reserve Bank of India will aim to drain 2 trillion rupees ($27.3 billion) of banking funds via a 14-day reverse repo operation on Jan. 15, the central bank said in a statement late Friday. This is the first move in a phased normalization of the central bank’s liquidity operations, it said. There has been growing consensus among traders that the RBI will have to start draining excess cash, as surging liquidity caused money-market rates to drop below the central bank’s interest-rate corridor and distort asset pricing. Quantum Asset Management Ltd. and IDFC Asset Management Ltd. have been among those forecasting that short-end rates will rise faster than the long-end as a result, though nobody expects the central bank to abandon its easy policy. Read more.