Putin, Maduro Discussed Venezuela's Debt to Russia Last Week

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Nicolas Maduro briefly discussed Caracas’ debt obligations to Russia last week during a visit to Moscow by the Venezuelan leader, the Kremlin said on Tuesday, without providing details, Reuters reported. Close ally Moscow has acted as a lender of last resort for Caracas, with the Russian government and oil giant Rosneft (ROSN.MM) providing at least $17 billion in loans and credit lines since 2006. In November 2017, Russia agreed to restructure Venezuela’s sovereign debt of $3.15 billion, with repayments over 10 years. Under the deal, Caracas is paying Moscow twice a year, with repayments in small amounts during the first six years. Russia’s finance ministry spokeswoman said earlier on Tuesday that Venezuela had made its latest scheduled debt repayment to Russia. Read more