Protesters Rally Across Myanmar, Defying Coup and Risking Crackdown

People marched through Monywa, in the heart of Myanmar, and Mawlamyine, on the eastern coast, demanding an end to military rule, the New York Times reported. They refused to disperse in the casino town of Myawaddy, even when the police fired warning shots. In Sagaing Division, in the foothills of the Himalayas, a man from the Naga ethnic group wearing a fur hat garnished with hornbill feathers and boar tusks raised his arm in a defiant salute. And in Yangon, the largest city in the country, columns of red-clad protesters surged toward Sule Pagoda from as far as the eye could see. Nearly a week after the country’s generals staged a coup, detaining civilian leaders and catapulting Myanmar back to army rule, people are speaking up. By the hundreds of thousands on the weekend, they marched in cities and towns across the country. They carried red balloons and ribbons, as well as the crimson flag, emblazoned with a white star and golden fighting peacock, of the ousted National League for Democracy party. Read more.