NY Fed Says China's COVID Woes are Pressuring Supply Chains

Declining world supply chain pressures are being challenged by new disruptions in China tied to the coronavirus pandemic, the New York Federal Reserve reported on Friday, Reuters reported. The regional Fed bank's December Global Supply Chain Pressure Index ticked down to 1.18 from November's revised 1.23 reading. According to the report, supply chain pressures have been easing notably since the spring of last year and bottomed in September, and have since then been bouncing around in a tight range. In a blog posting accompanying the report, bank economists said "while supply chain disruptions have significantly diminished over the course of 2022, the reversion of the index toward a normal historical range has paused over the past three months," adding that "our analysis attributes the recent pause largely to the pandemic in China amid an easing of 'Zero COVID' policies." Read more.