Lisbon Port Labour Company Notified of Insolvency

A-ETPL, Associação - Port Work Company of Lisbon announced that it had been notified of the decision to declare its insolvency and the appointment of the insolvency administrator, The Portugal News reported. In a statement, A-ETPL states that the sentence handed down by the Lisbon Judicial Court of Justice Lisbon Commercial Court - Judge 7 set a deadline of 30 days for claiming credits. Among the effects of the judgment now known, A-ETPL points out that the powers of administration and disposition of assets belong to the insolvency practitioner and are considered “seized, for delivery to the insolvency practitioner, all the elements of accounting and all company assets.” It also points out that “the debtors of A-ETPL will now have to make all the instalments to which they are obliged directly to the insolvency practitioner”. Read more