Judge Says Chinese Businessman Guo Wengui Still Harassing Bankruptcy Trustee

A judge in Connecticut has placed tighter restrictions on Chinese businessman and media entrepreneur Guo Wengui and his followers to end what she described as an alleged campaign of online and in-person harassment directed at a court-appointed trustee and others involved in his chapter 11 case, Reuters reported. Bankruptcy Judge Julie Manning said that she found it "extremely alarming" that the campaign against chapter 11 trustee Luc Despins and Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund (PAX), a Cayman Islands-based investment fund that is Guo's largest creditor, has continued or escalated since she imposed a temporary restraining order on Guo in November. Her latest order prohibits Guo or his agents from protesting outside the homes of Despins and others, and restricts what they can post on social media. Read more.