Japan Mulls Merging JAL's International Service Into ANA's

Several cabinet members of the Japanese government want Japan Airlines Corp to withdraw completely from its international flights business and consolidate it with that of All Nippon Airways Co, the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper reported on Thursday, Reuters reported. The cabinet members met on Wednesday and appeared to have floated the idea in order to improve JAL's financial condition, Mainichi reported, without citing any sources. But Transport Minister Seiji Maehara was opposed to the plan of having only one international flight service airline from Japan, the newspaper said. Mainichi said the discussions of the cabinet members were based on the assumption that JAL will be restructured under a court-led process. The idea was raised as JAL's international flights business has been a huge burden for its overall operation, with a government-backed turnaround fund requiring JAL to revitalise within three years. JAL has announced it will terminate flights on 30 routes, including 13 international, by June. Read more.