Italy Comes Back to Market With ECB Tapering Bets on Back Burner

Italy is seizing on a bond rally spurred by bets that monetary stimulus in Europe is here to stay for a while longer, Bloomberg News reported. The government racked up more than 60 billion euros ($73 billion) of orders for its sale of new 10-year bonds. While that’s short of a record set when the continent was in the throes of the pandemic a year ago, it matches interest at the height of a bond rally in February, when yields fell to a record low. Underpinning the demand are expectations that the European Central Bank will hold off on a decision to taper its landmark bond-buying program until after the summer. The purchases have been a crucial backstop for the market even as the economy begins to recover. The ECB meets to set policy this week. Signs that officials are not preparing to dial down their support have sent Italy’s 10-year yield back below 1%, from 1.16%, the highest level since July. Read more.