Iran’s Latest Economic Woes Hit Residents in Their Stomachs

Iranian authorities have a new target in their bid to calm the country’s economic turmoil: meat-market manipulators, The Wall Street Journal reported. During the two-week celebration of the Persian New Year that ended April 5, Iranians found that putting food on their tables is far more expensive than before. The price of veal and beef increased 67% last year, while mutton had jumped 52% and chicken had become 63% more expensive, the Central Bank of Iran said. “We haven’t been able to afford the luxury of meat since last year, when the inflation went through the roof,” said Ali Moshtaghi, a 38-year-old shoemaker. “We can’t afford to have guests because we can’t set a decent table for them.” A meat market in crisis hits Iranians where it perhaps hurts the most—their stomachs. The government has been going after those seen as manipulating food prices, for example by hoarding or overcharging to avoid a repeat of economy-related protests that rocked Iran early last year. Read more