Insolvency In Hungary Not Due To Higher Monthly Instalments

Unemployment remains a key factor behind insolvency in Hungary. In about 3 out of 4 cases, low or nonexistent income is the reason why people in Hungary run up debt, debt collector company Intrum Justitia noted in a survey on insolvency, reported. While umeployment still rates high among the triggers that eventually lead to bad debt, the figure is now lower than in the 2013 survey, Intrum Justitia found. While almost 50% of debtors were affected by the unemployment problem last year, the same issue was the key culprit in a slightly lower 43% of the insolvency cases in the 2014 survey. This year's survey has revealed a decline in the number of clients who mentioned living on the dole as the reason for the inability to keep up with payments. The launch of the public work programme is the most likely reason for this change. Wage garnishment remains a major trend, having increased almost threefold since 2010. Intrum Justitia reached 80,000 debt restructuring deals last year, preempting legal proceedings against debtors, CEO Péter Felfalusi said. Read more.