Indian Court Orders State to Set Uniform COVID-19 Rules for Carmakers

An Indian court tasked industrial safety officials on Tuesday with visiting carmakers in the southern state of Tamil Nadu to draw up uniform safety guidelines for workers during a second devastating wave of COVID-19 infections amid the pandemic, Reuters reported. Workers at the Indian unit of Renault-Nissan had asked the Madras High Court for operations to be halted, saying social distancing norms were being flouted and the risk to their lives outweighed the health benefits provided by the company. "Senior representatives from the department of industrial safety may be requested to make further visits to the Nissan-Renault manufacturing facility and...other auto manufacturing that a unified set of guidelines may be imposed," the court said. In a court filing on Monday reviewed by Reuters, the company said it wanted the state government to recommend adequate social distancing measures, based on practices at other automakers, amid the dispute with its workers union over safety. Read more.