IMF to Visit Tunisia over Economic Reforms, Central Bank Official Says

The International Monetary Fund will hold a virtual visit with Tunisian officials on Feb. 14 to discuss the government's economic reform program, a central bank official told Reuters on Wednesday. The North African country, which is suffering from a financial crisis, is seeking to obtain a rescue package from the fund in exchange for unpopular reforms, including spending cuts. The government says the country requires the rescue package to avert a collapse in public finances. Some public sector salaries for December were paid late in January. The official, who requested anonymity to speak freely, said the IMF team will hold video talks during the week with the economy and finance ministers and the central bank governor. The IMF and the Tunisian government did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The IMF and foreign donors say the outlined economic reforms, including to energy subsidies, would need broad support, including from the powerful UGTT union and major political players, for a deal to be secured. Read more.