Howai: Insolvency Regulator Coming Soon

Government is one step closer to enacting the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of 2007, Finance Minister Larry Howai has said. At present, he said, the state was moving apace to create the Office of the Insolvency Regulator which soon after would be filled and the agency would commence operations, the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian reported. Speaking at Monday’s launch of NCB Global Finance Ltd, a subsidiary of NCB Group, on Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook, the minister said, “The Act was passed in 2007. It’s another piece of legislation that improves our ease of doing business. However, the Act had languished for some time and had not been proclaimed. Earlier this year, we took steps to ensure that the appropriate regulations were put in place to ensure that we could actually effect the legislation. And, we have put the systems in place for the Insolvency Regulator’s position to be filled and for that office to become operational.” Read more.