Houthi Attacks on Oil Infrastructure ‘Driving Yemen’s Government into Bankruptcy'

Yemen’s internationally recognized government is on the verge of bankruptcy after Houthi attacks on oil facilities in southern Yemen halted all oil exports, and it may not be able to pay public employees in areas under its control in the near future, officials have warned, Yemenonline.com reported. A government source told Arab News public employees in liberated provinces might not receive their salaries in the coming months, adding that the country could experience severe fuel shortages and protracted power outages as a result of attacks forcing the government to stop importing fuel. “Starting next month, the government may not be able to pay employees’ salaries, in addition to the projected shortages of oil derivatives used to generate energy, particularly in Hadhramaut, Aden, and Shabwa,” said the government official. Last month, the Iran-backed Houthis staged two drone attacks on oil terminals in Hadramout and Shabwa in an effort to halt tankers from delivering the nation’s oil exports from the government-controlled territories to the global market. The Houthis conducted another strike last week against a commercial port in Shabwa as an oil tanker was offloading fuel, ignoring worldwide criticism, primarily from the UN Security Council, as well as domestic indignation. Read more.