Hawaiian Salad Bowl Chain 'Poked' Collapses in Australia after Five years in Business

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A chain of Hawaiian-themed salad bars called Poked have collapsed, with the directors attributing repeat COVID-19 lockdowns in Sydney and Melbourne as the driving factors, SmartCompany reported. Founded in 2016, Poked Group operates eight restaurants employing about 50 staff, with seven located across Melbourne’s CBD and one on Sydney’s George Street. The restaurants sell customisable salad bowls, including options for people with alternative dietary requirements. Matthew Kucianski, partner at the solvency firm Worrells, has been appointed to oversee the company’s liquidation process, which he says is “in its infancy.” “The liquidation of the Poked Group is in its infancy and the underlying reasons for the insolvency will take some time to determine,” Kucianski tells SmartCompany. “But the directors attribute the insolvency of the group to the COVID-19 lockdowns,” he adds. Poked’s eight stores will remain shuttered over at least the summer holiday period, pending the outcome of the liquidation process. The group’s employees have also been stood down. In the meantime, the owners of Poked are encouraging customers to visit their sister stores at Grazeland in Melbourne, which is a food hall in Spotswood with 50 different vendors. Poked also operates Katsu King, BBL tea, Fat Tony’s and Doughville at Grazeland. Read more.