Grounded Jets Sit Out Coronavirus Pandemic In Pyrenees

At the airport of Tarbes in France, row upon row of empty jets in liveries from Asia to Africa sit nose to tail on the tarmac, waiting out the coronavirus crisis in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Reuters reported. Air travel has tumbled to a fraction of normal levels due to the pandemic, grounding about two thirds of the world’s fleet and stretching Europe’s largest aircraft storage company. “Today there’s no (travel) demand. That is why we have more than 200 aircraft on our sites,” said Patrick Lecer, chief executive of TARMAC Aerosave, headquartered at Tarbes. The previous record for planes stored by the company was 150. The crisis has turned the picturesque airport into a refuge for the industry’s biggest jets, symbols of globalisation now looking out of their element amidst green farmland. The terminal serving pilgrims for nearby Lourdes remains almost empty. Read more