Global Thirst for Bonds Has Investors Scooping Up Italian Debt

Italy is just the latest major borrower to benefit from searing global demand for sovereign bonds, with investors casting aside concerns about the country’s relapse into recession to help the government lock in funding over the next 30 years, Bloomberg News reported. Italy’s carpe diem sale is allowing it to raise 8 billion euros ($9.1 billion) as investors scramble to lend to some of the world’s biggest borrowers, including Japan, the U.S. and Greece. The Italian offering of 2049 securities attracted orders in excess of more than 41 billion euros even as the economic outlook deteriorates for the euro-zone’s second-most-indebted country and it faces criticism from the International Monetary Fund on the need for reforms.bani’s Reliance Infrastructure Ltd., which plunged 32 percent on Wednesday. The impressive orderbook for Italy’s second syndicated sovereign sale this year follows reported records among neighboring euro-zone nations, and a four-times over-subscription for Greece. Read more