German Biodiesel Firm Campa Declares Insolvency

German biodiesel producer Campa GmbH has declared insolvency for a second time this year and a commercial court in Wurzburg appointed a new administrator, a court official said on Tuesday. Campa first declared insolvency in May but resumed production in early June after being bought by a consortium of about 2,000 farmers in the southern state of Bavaria, Reuters reported. It operates a 150,000 tonne annual capacity plant producing biodiesel from rapeseed oil. Campa's oil mill was purchased by U.S. agribusiness group Archer Daniels Midland in August. Campa suspended biodiesel production earlier this year because of the impact of Germany's taxes on biodiesel and the effect of cheap biodiesel imports from the United States but later resumed production. The association of German biofuels producers BBK said in September that Germany's biodiesel industry was only working at about 15 percent of capacity following a dramatic fall in sales after Germany increased taxes on biofuels in January. The association said then it expected more German biodiesel plants to run into difficulties by the end of this year. Read more.