French Manufacturing Output Drops In November

French manufacturing output fell in November, a further indicator that trade uncertainty and political tension in Europe could be cooling the eurozone, the Financial Times reported. The 1.3 per cent month on month slide in industrial output was worse than the forecast in a Reuters survey of no change, following two months of growth. Manufacturing was also down 1.4 per cent in November, a 1.2 per cent decrease from November last year, the French National Institute for Economic Studies reported on Thursday. Manufacturing output remained down 1.0 per cent over the quarter. In the that three-month period, output decreased 3.1 per cent in the manufacturing of transport equipment, 0.1 per cent in machinery and 0.8 per cent in food production. The manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products was down 3.9 per cent. German industrial activity was also down for November, slipping 1.9 per cent, the third consecutive month of decline. Read more