E.U. Proposal Would Allow Vaccinated American Tourists by the End of June

The European Union on Monday announced a road map to allowing vaccinated people from outside the bloc to travel to Europe, foretelling a more normal and connected continent after more than a year in which its boulevards and beauty have been off-limits to most of the world, the Washington Post reported. The proposal, which could be in place by the end of June, will give hope to travelers from the U.S. and other countries with aggressive coronavirus vaccination programs who are eager to return to some of the globe’s most popular destinations. Europe would grant fully vaccinated people and their children the chance to visit, regardless of the coronavirus outbreak levels in their countries. Unvaccinated citizens of non-European countries would be allowed to visit as the health situation improves in their countries. “We propose to allow entry to the E.U. for nonessential reasons,” said European Commission spokesman Adalbert Jahnz, “for all people who have received the last recommended dose of an E.U.-authorized vaccine.” The bloc would at the same time create a mechanism to halt travel quickly from countries with new concerning variants of the coronavirus, in effect setting up a system that is far more open than now but could also snap shut if needed. Read more.