To Escape the War, Ukraine’s Factories Are Moving West

Factories in Russian-occupied areas of the Ukraine were packed up and moved on trains and trucks, and are being resurrected in the west, the New York Times reported. Manufacturers are creating jobs and hunting for skilled workers. Now closer to Poland — Ukraine’s gateway to Germany and western Europe — the reborn businesses are forging ties with the European Union, which Ukraine hopes to join soon. “The main motivation for them to come here is that they stay in Ukraine,” said Andriy Moskalenko, the deputy mayor of Lviv responsible for economic affairs. “Whether they come from Kharkiv, Kyiv, Chernihiv — they are all Ukrainian. We have to support them,” he added, “because Russia has destroyed a lot.” Ukraine’s economy is expected to contract by over a third this year. Inflation is rising, and is likely to climb above 30 percent, the country’s central bank recently said, and the finance minister recently announced the country had reached an agreement to stop paying some foreign creditors. Read more.