Deposit Guarantee Fund Sold Insolvent Banks' Assets Worth UAH 80 Mln Last Week

The Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine last week sold insolvent banks' assets worth UAH 80.26 million, the fund's press service reports. “Last week the assets of 25 banks, which are in the management of the Fund, were sold for UAH 80.26 million,” the report says. In particular, UAH 50.56 million was received from the repayment of fund creditors' claims, UAH 26.08 million from the sale of main banks' assets, and UAH 3.14 million from the sale of accounts receivable. Also, UAH 0.15 million was obtained from the direct sale of banks’ property. Assets of “securities/corporate rights” group were sold for UAH 0.32 million. In addition, UAH 0.02 million was received from the sale of coins and metals. As Ukrinform reported, the Deposit Guarantee Fund last week planned to sell banks' assets for a total sum of UAH 2.2 billion. Read more