Croatian Luxury Food Importer Enters Pre-Bankruptcy Proceedings

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The Commercial Court in Zagreb has opened the pre-bankruptcy proceedings of Marijo Mendek's company Selection MM, known as the most famous Croatian luxury food importer and premium wines, reported. The move was initiated at Mendek's own request due to "threats of insolvency" as well as blocked accounts and an established debt of about 219,000 kuna. In his own proposal, Mendek also listed the assets owned by MM Selection, which also includes the MM building in Ilica in Zagreb's Kustosija, three Citroen delivery vehicles and a mini cooper one. He has also listed the claims of MM Selection against almost 70 debtors which amounts to a massive 1.77 million kuna. Among them are companies associated with Marijo Mendek, but also companies through which some of the top Croatian restaurants are run, such as Baltazar restoran d.o.o, Barbieris restaurants d.o.o. and Esplanade Oleander d.o.o. It is interesting to point out that Mendek's list of debtors also includes the Ministry of Finance, from which he is demanding slightly more than 48,000 kuna. Read more.